Most frequent tractor breakdowns

Most frequent tractor breakdowns

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09 May, 2024

Tractor breakdowns: Prevention and solutions

Tractors play a fundamental role in a variety of industries, from agriculture to construction. However, like any machinery, they are subject to breakdowns that can affect their operation.


Below, we will explore the most common tractor breakdowns and their possible solutions, as well as tips on how to prevent such faults.

Types of tractor breakdowns

The most common tractor breakdowns include:

-Fuel malfunctions: Fuel malfunctions occur due to clogged fuel filters, dirty injectors or faulty fuel pumps. As a consequence, engine efficiency is reduced and this ends up causing starting problems for the tractor.


-Faults in the electrical system: This system consists of the ignition, lighting and equipment operation. The most common problems in this type of breakdown are associated with the battery, alternator or electrical connections that can render the tractor inoperable. 


-Breakdowns related to loss of power: Another very common breakdown fault is loss of power. The occurrence of various difficulties when changing gear or unusual noises may indicate problems in the transmission area.


-Breakdowns due to overheating: the main causes of engine overheating are clogged radiators, faulty water pumps or problems in the cooling system.


Finally, it is also important to be aware of tyre wear, which is of particular concern on difficult terrain, and the occurrence of problems with the hydraulic system.



Resolving and preventing tractor breakdowns

The repair of tractor breakdowns requires technical knowledge and experience in the operation of machinery. The assistance of a specialised technician will be necessary in order to diagnose and repair the problem properly.


However, regarding the above-mentioned breakdowns, here are some solutions that can be applied:


-To prevent fuel problems, it is vital to carry out regular maintenance on the system. Also, change filters according to the manufacturer's instructions and, of course, always try to use quality fuels.


-With regard to the electrical system, constant checks, the cleaning of connections and replacement of obsolete batteries are some alternatives when seeking to prevent breakdowns in tractors.


-If you don't want to have problems with the transmission area, the recommendation is to focus on constant maintenance and oil replacement.


-Tractor operators should monitor fluid levels and repair any leaks to prevent the engine from overheating.



What to do if the tractor won't start?

One of the most common problems tractor operators may face is difficulty starting the engine. If you find yourself in this situation, follow these steps:


-Check the fuel level: make sure that the tractor has enough fuel to operate properly. If the level is low, fill the tank before attempting to start the engine.


-Check the battery: check that the battery is in good condition and correctly connected. Clean the terminals if necessary and check for corrosion.


-Examine the ignition system: check the spark plugs and ignition cables for signs of wear or damage. Replace any defective components.


-Check the air filter: a dirty air filter can obstruct air flow to the engine, making it difficult to start. Replace the filter if it is dirty or clogged.


-Consult the owner's manual: if the above steps do not solve the problem, consult the tractor owner’s manual for specific information on the starting and troubleshooting procedure.


In conclusion, to maintain and increasingly maximize the functions of  the tractor, it is important to carry out regular preventive maintenance, inspect for signs of wear and tear and store machinery in a safe place when not in use.


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