How to Inspect Your Cat® Hydraulic System?

How to Inspect Your Cat® Hydraulic System?

  • motores

24 April, 2023

The hydraulic system is the muscle of your machine, establishing the connection between power and work productivity. Cat machines are designed for the most demanding applications, and their hydraulic components are built to meet those requirements – exacting specifications for Cat equipment, from power and responsiveness to speed and breakout force.

Did you know that hydraulic components are very sensitive to contamination? 75-85% of hydraulic system failures are due to contamination problems.* Simply keeping hydraulic oil clean through intelligent contamination control can significantly reduce hydraulic system failures and repair or replacement costs. Specialized equipment and experience are necessary to keep your machines running at peak performance. Since a well-maintained hydraulic system is essential to the performance and life of your machine, regular service from your Cat dealer will help you lower your operating costs and increase uptime with confidence. Whether you own one machine or a fleet of hundreds, Cat hydraulic system components are the right choice to increase your profits and savings.

*In accordance with industry standards