Complete guide to types of construction trucks: Which one do you need for the work you are doing?

Complete guide to types of construction trucks: Which one do you need for the work you are doing?

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28 June, 2024



In the construction industry, a variety of specialised vehicles are required to transport materials. In that sense, construction trucks are essential to the success of any project, as they facilitate the movement of large volumes of cargo efficiently and safely.


In this article, we will look at different types of construction trucks, as well as provide you with some practical advice to help you make the best choice based on your needs and requirements.

Types of trucks according to their structure

The structure of a truck can vary significantly depending on its design and purpose. Some of the most common are:

Rigid truck

A truck with a fixed structure and a single chassis. These trucks are usually smaller than other trucks and are normally used to transport packages and parcels.

Articulated truck

This is a truck consisting of a tractor cab and a coupled trailer, i.e. it is made up of 2 parts that are joined by a hinge point. It is characterised by greater load capacity, flexibility and manoeuvrability.

These include:

●  Trailers.

●  Road trains.

●  Mega-trucks.


Types of trucks according to the type of goods

Trucks can also be classified according to the type of goods they are designed to transport. Here are some examples:

Tanker truck

It is characterised by a steel or aluminium tank for liquids, especially water, gases, fuel and chemicals. They are equipped with high security systems to prevent spillage.

Tipper truck

A truck with a hydraulically operated dump body that has the ability to tilt to unload bulk materials such as sand, gravel, and rubble.

Platform truck

A truck with an open platform without sides or roof. Commonly used to transport large and bulky materials, such as pipes and machinery. Its main features are: its flat platform to facilitate loading and unloading; and in some cases the possibility of equipping it with cranes or ramps.

Closed box truck

It is a truck with a closed box to protect the cargo. It is used for the transport of weather-sensitive goods. Its main feature is that it has variants for internal climate control.


Practical tips for choosing between types of construction trucks



●  Assess the needs of the project: consider the type and volume of materials you need to transport.

●  Check the load capacity: make sure the truck can handle the weight and volume of your loads.

●  Consider the terrain: choose a truck suitable for the type of terrain you will be working on.

●  Check maintenance and support: opt for makes and models which have a readily availability source of spare parts and maintenance services.


Choosing the right type of construction truck is crucial to the efficiency and success of any project. By understanding the characteristics and uses of each, you can make informed decisions that maximise productivity and minimise costs.


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