The CE Certificate

The CE Certificate

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07 April, 2022

The CE Certificate is a mandatory document that gives our machine permission to work in Europe.

Given the high demand for used equipment in Europe, many customers are buying machines outside the European Community, or even, when buying in the European Community, they buy machines without the CE Certification in the hope of getting it later.

With the 2006/42/EC Directive, the only one who can give the CE Certification is the manufacturer. There are cases when the seller of the machine makes the buyer sign a CE document, making the buyer the manufacturer of the unit, so that the buyer becomes responsible for all the CE regulations in that document. This can lead to very high fines and, if there is an accident with an operator resulting in death, even imprisonment.

Spanish Royal Decree 1215/97 on minimum worker health and safety is not valid either. This Spanish Royal Decree can serve as a complement to a machine that already has a CE Certificate, or for machines prior to 1995 that were in the European Community before that date, but never as a substitute for a CE Certificate.

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