Emissions Regulation

Emissions Regulation

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22 April, 2022

In view of the European Union's commitment to climate change, the engines of the machines had to be adapted to comply with the regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.

There are considered two classes of countries: those with a low regulation and those with a high regulation. Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea are high regulation countries. That means that the engines have particulate burners, urea and the need to regeneration.

There are some customers who manipulate the aftertreatment of the machines. This leads to serious financial penalties, as well as the loss of European Community Certification. If we have to work outside the European Community in other countries, it is very important that we should know what stage of emissions our machine has, as sometimes with a simple diesel filter we can take the machine to the country of destination, and in others it needs a very important change in the machine to be able to work in those countries, as the level of diesel sulphur does not allow those engines to work correctly.

It is also very important to know the emissions stage of the machine, if we buy it from outside the European Community because there are machines that, although they comply with the European regulations in the three regulations aspects that the CE Certificate covers, they do not comply with the emission stage. These machines would not be able to work in Europe.

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