Tips for reducing fuel consumption as diesel prices rise

Tips for reducing fuel consumption as diesel prices rise

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09 June, 2022

The price of diesel has experienced a very significant increase worldwide in recent months. High demand, low supply and the Russia-Ukraine conflict have many economists predicting that fuel prices will continue to rise this summer.

Small adjustments to the way you operate and maintain your construction machines can help achieve lower fuel consumption and significant savings. Here are some tips to save fuel when operating our machine:


  • Follow Proper Maintenance Schedules: Following recommended maintenance schedules is critical to ensure equipment provides optimal performance. Poorly maintained machines will use more fuel for the same amount of work than a well maintained one. Preventative maintenance saves fuel costs and major repairs in the long run, maximizing productivity and engine life.


  • Use the correct fuel and oil: Follow the OEM recommendations for the correct fluids. Keeping them at the required levels will ensure that the performance of the machine stays within specifications. Additional tire air pressure checks and air filter cleanliness are also important for optimal fuel efficiency.


  • Minimize Idling: Idling wastes fuel, no matter how efficient the engine is. If machines are left idle for a long time, emissions and costs will increase. It can also affect engine life, with unnecessary component wear. If the machines have idle timed shutdown or start-stop capability, this should be turned on.


  • Avoid Rapid Acceleration: Machines should be driven at a constant speed with the windows open for optimal performance.


  • Use Trained Operators: Having trained people who can operate the machinery at its optimal levels will maximize fuel efficiency and reduce potential damage to the unit. Poorly trained personnel are likely to be more aggressive when using the machine, which will increase fuel consumption. As telematics capability develops, the data collected can help improve operator training.


  • Monitor your machines: When machines come with monitoring facilities, analyzing your data can help reduce fuel consumption. Monitoring also helps detect potential service issues early and reduces repair costs and downtime.


  • Choose the right machine for the job: Properly sizing your equipment for the project not only improves daily productivity, but also saves on fuel consumption. Correctly combine the machines that work together on the job site for maximum efficiency.